Learn what’s happening at the Foundation and in the communities where we work. Hear from staff and partners about their accomplishments and lessons learned along the way.

Meet our New Grant Partners

Author: Megan MacDavey

The Peter & Elizabeth Tower Foundation is pleased to announce that it recently awarded nearly $1.4 million in grants to 14 organizations in Erie and Niagara Counties in Western New York, as well as Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Essex County in Eastern Massachusetts. “We are delighted to support this recent group of grant partners. This … Continued

Small Capacity Grants –> Large Impact

Author: Chuck Colston

In the most recent blog, Megan MacDavey explained how the Small Grants Program will now fit into the Foundation’s “Strengthening Partner Capacity” portfolio. This was done in a continuing effort to streamline our grantmaking. Please refer to Megan’s blog for more information on this change. Today, I really want to focus on the impact that we … Continued

Virtual Office Hours

Author: Megan MacDavey

We love getting to know the communities we work in, learning about the organizations located there, and talking to the people who see what’s happening there every day. Holding office hours at local coffee shops in your neighborhood is one of our favorite ways of connecting. Unfortunately, it’s not always feasible to carve out that … Continued

Announcing New Strengthening Partner Capacity Guidelines

Author: Megan MacDavey

Our newly-launched “Strengthening Partner Capacity” grant guidelines for 2019 mark the beginning of a more streamlined approach to capacity building funding at the Tower Foundation. The Foundation’s Trustees and staff are committed to supporting the organizations, and their leaders, responsible for advancing our goals across the four fields we fund (intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, mental … Continued

Assessing Program Grants: Are They Making an Impact? [Part 2 of 2]

Author: Nicholas Randell

PART 2 [This second (and final) installment takes a look at recent Tower grants and their impact on the target population, grantee organization, and the field at large.] Once again, we wanted to take a look at the somewhat broader impact of our grantmaking. On our lessons learned forms, we also scored grants for impact … Continued

Are We Making Effective Grants? 2018 Version. [Part 1 of 2]

Author: Nicholas Randell

PART 1 [This installment of a two-part series looks at the performance of Tower grants when measured against specific project goals; Part 2 will look at the broader impact of the same grants.] Every 18 months or so, we take a look at the latest cluster of closed grants and assess their aggregate effectiveness and … Continued

System Redesign Part III: A View From the Balcony

Author: Megan MacDavey

This is the third in a multi-part blog series. Catch up with Part I here and Part II here. In the adaptive leadership framework, “getting on the balcony” is the idea that, when met with complex challenges, you leave your world on-the-ground – your deadlines, to-do list, and distractions –and look at the big picture … Continued

System Redesign Part II: Understanding Value-Based Reimbursement

Author: Megan MacDavey

This is the second in a multi-part blog series. Check out the last one here. The organizations we fund are essential to our work, and because of this, we are paying attention to the shift to Value Based Reimbursement (VBR) which we think will have a huge impact on many of our grantees. As a … Continued

System Redesign Part I: Why It Matters

Author: Megan MacDavey

System Redesign and Why It Matters We here at The Tower Foundation have been paying attention over the last couple of years to the big changes happening in the health care delivery system. Why? Well, a few reasons. First, changes to the health care system mean big changes to not only the health care providers … Continued