Programs & Services Grants

The Foundation provides direct grants to fund programs and services in our four focus areas of intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, mental health, and substance use disorders. Programs & Services grants support organizations working to improve the lives of children and young adults in our geographic footprint of Erie and Niagara Counties in Western New York and Barnstable, Dukes, Essex, and Nantucket Counties in Eastern Massachusetts.

Strengthening Partner Capacity Grants

The Foundation recognizes nonprofits can benefit from support for their operational needs. It can lead to more effect delivery of high-quality programming and organizational sustainability. The Foundation has two grant programs addressing critical operational needs that are often underfunded: the Small Grants Program and the Technology Initiative. We accept applications for both these grant programs three times a year. All other grants in this category are by invitation only. 

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^ Please note, 2018 will be the last year for the Tower Foundation’s Technology Initiative. Although the Foundation is ending its Technology Initiative, it will still consider technology planning and implementation grant requests in the future as part of a more comprehensive range of capacity building opportunities. Look for updated guidelines toward the end of the year. 

Technology Planning and Implementation

The Tower Foundation seeks to strengthen its community partners by enabling them to align technology with their administrative and business needs. There are two phases:

Phase I (Planning) – We will provide funds for not-for-profit agencies to hire a technology consultant to conduct a technology inventory and needs assessment; and to develop a two- or three-year technology plan that is explicitly aligned with the agency’s strategic or business plan.

Phase II (Implementation) – The Foundation will provide a dollar-for-dollar match (up to $125,000) to agencies wishing to implement an existing technology plan that is explicitly aligned with their strategic/business plan

Small Grants Program

    • The small grants program provides funding for short-term organizational needs in a simplified and expedited manner. Eligible applicants can apply for a one-year grant of up to $30,000.

Activities eligible for the Small Grant Program include:

  • Capacity development activities (e.g. organizational assessments, strategic planning, leadership development, professional development for staff)
  • Planning and development (distinct from service delivery)
  • One-time capital projects or equipment purchases

Community Change Grants

We understand that many issues can be best addressed when communities work together, pooling resources and expertise, and developing collaborative and creative solutions. By funding cross-organizational initiatives, we can help organizations broaden their outlook and their reach.

The Tower Foundation’s Community Change Portfolio (formerly Healthy Communities) consists of grants supporting communities in establishing accessible, holistic, integrated, collaborative services. In keeping with our mission, these are services that benefit children, adolescents, and young adults affected by intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, mental illness, and/or substance use disorders.

Community Change grants generally support collaborative work intended to effect community-wide and/or systems-level change, such as efforts to eliminate structural barriers that can preventing young people and their families from receiving services. Please note that we accept requests for Community Change grants three times a year, however, these are by invitation only. To learn more contact us.

Where We Work

The Tower Foundation is focused on improving the lives of young people in the communities where Tower family members have lived, worked and raised their children including Western New York (Erie and Niagara Counties) and Eastern Massachusetts (Barnstable, Dukes, Essex, and Nantucket Counties).