Oh, what a night!

Author: Tracy Sawicki

Last week, I attended Mental Health Advocates of Western New York annual fundraising event. It was a milestone occasion in many ways. It was MHA’s 60th anniversary; and for many in the room, it was the first event they had been to in two years. Ironically, this event was also the last event many of us attended before the COVID lockdown.

It was wonderful to be with so many people! The room was filled with loud chatter and tons of laughter. As I looked around the room, all I could see were smiling faces. Grins that went from ear to ear. Guests in masks were smiling too. Their eyes said it all. People were reconnecting with colleagues and friends that hadn’t seen in two years. The energy was felt by all.

Once seated, every table was engaged in conversation. At times, it was hard to get the room to settle for the program. People wanted to interact with each other, even the most introverted among us. At last, we were together; and it was great. The event was lovely and many deserving people honored for their work in the field of mental health. Everyone was happy to be there.

I was exhausted when I got home.  However, as I shared about the evening with my husband, I found myself getting energized all over again. I am a classic extravert and being with people is where I draw my energy. For me, this event was marking several milestones. It was my first event in two years, and it gave me an opportunity to connect in ways I really missed. I am so grateful. Oh, what a night!