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The Tower Foundation works with and supports experts, organizations, and initiatives to make a difference in the lives of young people. Our support is focused in Erie and Niagara Counties in Western New York and Barnstable, Dukes, Essex, and Nantucket Counties in Eastern Massachusetts. The Foundation seeks to fund requests that build and strengthen the systems, structures, cultures, skills, and resources organizations need to serve their communities.


The Tower Foundation focuses its work on behalf of young people, from birth to age 26, who have intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, mental health issues, and/or substance use disorders, understanding that they often intersect and that focusing on one may not be enough. Equity is also a critical component of our work.  Paying attention to systemic inequities that intersect with our four focus areas makes us a more intentional and just funder.

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The Tower Foundation works to improve the lives of young people in its geographic footprint of Erie and Niagara Counties in Western New York, and in Barnstable, Dukes, Essex, and Nantucket Counties in Eastern Massachusetts by meaningfully engaging these communities in our work.


In its grantmaking, The Tower Foundation tries to incorporate diverse voices into the planning and implementation of its programs, with the goal of continually engaging in respectful conversation and incorporating what’s said into the work.

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