The Foundation’s work is guided by a strategic planning process informed by feedback gathered from more than 30 focus groups conducted with community organizations, parents, and young people served by our grantmaking.

The result of this planning process was to go beyond traditional direct grants and outline strategies to sharpen our focus, encourage more collaboration within and between communities, and to build organizational capacity.

Here are highlights from our 2012 Plan:

  • Adopted a series of goals for each funding category to sharpen our grantmaking focus and help assess impact over the long term
  • Introduced a grantmaking approach that involves more outreach by staff, features collaborations across agencies and communities, leverages partnerships with other funders, and values greater flexibility to respond to need
  • Described special initiatives that will support community-based work (Community Change) and capacity building (Strengthening Partner Capacity)

Look for our refreshed strategic plan in late 2018.

Strategic Plan

Our strategy goes beyond just traditional grantmaking and extends to supporting capacity building initiatives for our grantees, and helping the communities where we work to address issues collaboratively. For more detail about our strategic planning process and the goals the Foundation has adopted, click below.