Tonawanda City School District

Tonawanda Peer-to-Peer Prevention

“Funds awarded to train 60 high school students as Peer Helpers and five district staff as advisors for implementing the Peer to Peer Prevention Program, a substance use prevention curriculum.”

CATEGORY: Programs & Services
LOCATION: Tonawanda, NY
AMOUNT: $45,600 over Two Years

Nonprofits Continue to Grow Despite Unprecedented Times

Several nonprofits are doing the hard work of increasing their impact within their communities by finding ways to better meet the needs of the people they serve: Aspire Developmental Services (ADS), is a family-centered organization in Lynn, Massachusetts, that provides early intervention for children with disabilities, parental support, and one-on-one child therapy to families in the community. The Institute for Nonprofit Practice (INP) brings social impact leaders together to expand their … Continued