Parent Network of Western New York, Inc.

Family Support and Advocacy

“Parent Network will implement the Family Support and Advocacy project. The organization will provide ongoing education and customized coaching to meet the specific needs of families. Often families have a difficult time navigating special education and disability services.

The Family Support and Advocacy project will help Parent Network enhance its service delivery model by providing one-on-one support and also helping the agency transition from a service-centered model to a family-centered approach. Family Support Specialists will work directly with families by identifying their needs, participating in special meetings, providing recommendations, and linking to services.”

CATEGORY: Programs & Services
AMOUNT: $100,372 over Two Years

Team Fourteen

In early 2016, Lahey Behavioral Health (now Beth Israel Lahey Behavioral Services) was looking to bring more family-focused counseling options to young people dealing with substance use disorders in Essex County.  Community-level data suggested that as many as 28% of patients in treatment were under the age of 25.   Young people leaving treatment (residential or … Continued