Mashpee Public Schools

Improve outcomes for all Mashpee Public Schools’ students by providing tiered supports, interventions, and services for students who are experiencing social, emotional, and behavioral challenges

“This two-year grant in the amount of $53,701 supports a mental health intitiative in the Mashpee Public Schools that includes behavioral health screening, professional development for faculty and staff, and on-site counseling services.”

CATEGORY: Programs & Services
AMOUNT: $53,701 over Two Years

LDA Builds Parents’ Confidence in Advocacy Skills

2018 marked the end of a three-year grant to the Learning Disabilities Association of Western New York (“LDA”) for its Equitable Education Advocacy Program, which helps parents build their capacity to advocate for a child with a learning disability. Parents are often not sure what kinds of accommodations can help their child succeed in school, … Continued