2022 Grantmaking Planning in Process

Author: Don Matteson

Our 2021 funding cycles are now closed* and we know many of you are wondering what our 2022 grantmaking will look like. We’re still working on our 2022 grant guidelines and a finalized grantmaking calendar. Here’s what we can share now:

  • We’ll be increasing the number of opportunities to apply for Strengthening Partner Capacity grants with quarterly deadlines. We plan to release these grant guidelines around mid- December 2021.
  • Like 2021, we’ll have two grant cycles in 2022 for Programs & Services and Community Change grant categories, with application deadlines falling around late winter/early spring, and late summer/early fall. We plan to post these grant guidelines around mid-January 2022

All of these guidelines will be available on our Apply for a Grant page, in our grants portal, and we’ll send an email announcement. Speaking of which…

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*All 2021 funding cycles are now closed to new applicants. If you have not yet heard from the Tower Foundation with information on your application, check your spam folder in your email or log into the grants portal and check your status there.