The Children’s Hospital Corporation d/b/a Boston Children’s Hospital

Early Literacy Screener

“Boston Children’s Hospital Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator (IDHA) is in the process of developing an early literacy screener that will support children with dyslexia and other reading disabilities. This project is led by Dr. Nadine Gaab, whose heads up The Gaab Lab for Developmental Neuroscience. She and her team focus on reading development as well as the possible pre-markers of developmental dyslexia. The mission of the Early Literacy Screener project lies in the fact that children with dyslexia and reading disabilities need to learn reading in ways that are not well-aligned with teaching methodologies implemented in mainstream school systems. The proposal highlights the need to spread awareness of early screening using evidence-based techniques that improve outcomes for students with dyslexia by providing a scalable solution.

Tower support will allow the group to engage schools and customize the screener for classroom use.”

CATEGORY: Strengthening Partner Capacity
AMOUNT: $50,000 Over One Year

Perpetual Motion

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