Say Yes Buffalo Scholarship, Inc.

Say Yes Buffalo School-Based Prevention Program

“Say Yes to Education, Inc. is a national organization that provides community supports and services to public school students with the intent of helping high school graduates access college or other post-secondary scholarships. This request provides gap funding for its School-Based Preventive Program. This program allows Say Yes to provide Family Support Specialists (FSS) in all 55 school buildings in Buffalo, NY. The FSS is the connector and first point of contact responsible for working with students and families to address basic and mental health needs.

The program ensures that students with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges are identified early and connected to appropriate services. During the 2017-18 school year, FSS provided direct case management, short-term, or preventative intake services to over 2,700 students. Say Yes wants to continue to make sure that any barriers to services are alleviated.”

CATEGORY: Programs & Services
AMOUNT: $86,073 Over One Year

Perpetual Motion

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