Roca, Inc.

Building a Sustainable Donor Network for Roca's Work with High-Risk Young People in Essex County

Roca seeks funding to hire a consultant to build its capacity to secure individual and corporate investors for its work in Lynn, Salem and surrounding communities on the North Shore. We have succeeded in securing government funders for this work, but a network of individual and corporate donors will offer a source of long-term, sustainable funding.

CATEGORY: Strengthening Partner Capacity
AMOUNT: $11,500

Perpetual Motion

Have you heard the Tower Foundation’s origin story?  It has now been freshly told by Cassandra Gainer in the recent issue of Traffic East, a Western New York journal celebrating entrepreneurial and creative energy.  Gainer interviewed daughters Mollie Byrnes and Cynthia Doyle in telling the story of Peter and Elizabeth Tower’s life together and how they came … Continued