Buffalo Learning Differences Enrichment Project

“NoticeAbility received $143,208 over three years to implement the Buffalo Learning Differences Enrichment project. NoticeAbility will deliver its curriculum to 100 students within four Buffalo Public Schools (BPS). The project will focus on building teacher capacity to support students with dyslexia, implementing a culture change initiative to raise awareness of dyslexia throughout BPS and the caregiver community, and providing educators with NoticeAbility’s Entrepreneurship curriculum.

NoticeAbility sees a strong need to help the district change the way they engage and educate students with dyslexia. The organization has spent a year and a half building relationships within BPS by meeting with district leadership and the principals within the four schools for this project. BPS statistics indicate that roughly 10% of students have learning disabilities. NoticeAbility believes that the actual percentage of students with dyslexia or other learning disability is likely higher.”

CATEGORY: Programs & Services
LOCATION: Cambridge, MA (implemented in Erie County)
AMOUNT: $143,208 over Two Years

Perpetual Motion

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