Martha’s Vineyard Community Services, Inc.

Island Disability Coalition

“The Island Disability Coalition’s (IDC) intent is to make Martha’s Vineyard a more inclusive community for individuals with disabilities. The proposal highlights that often families are unaware of inclusive resources and activities for young people.

In an effort to move toward a more inclusive community, the IDC has placed a strong emphasis on making sure that there is an appropriate representation of the community. The strategic plan is the guiding document for how the Coalition proceeds with its work. Thus far, there has been great buy-in among community members.

In order to carry out the strategic plan, the IDC will hire a Navigator, who will serve as the point person for connecting parents to community resources and working with the Coordinator. The Navigator will serve as the liaison between the Coalition and the community. Funds will support the Navigator, Coordinator, a website consultant, training, community events, supplies, advertisement, and space.”

CATEGORY: Community Change
LOCATION: Vineyard Haven, MA
AMOUNT: $180,000 over Two Years

Perpetual Motion

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