Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America

Developing a Youth Movement for Substance Misuse Prevention in Erie County

CADCA will conduct training for youth to design and lead a Youth Movement for Substance Misuse Prevention in collaboration with the Alden Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition. The youth-led, adult-guided movement will address issues related to substance misuse that impact youth in Erie County, NY.

CATEGORY: Strengthening Partner Capacity
LOCATION: Alexandria, VA
AMOUNT: $40,000

Empowering Parents to Advocate for Inclusion

Massachusetts Advocates for Children is working to remove the barriers that exist in education to create equitable opportunities for children and youth to learn, grow, and thrive. The organization focuses its advocacy efforts on children and youth who face significant barriers, inequities, and/or discrimination because of their economic status, disability, race, ethnicity, culture, or immigration … Continued