It’s Alive! (Plus Funding Opportunities for our Western NY Partners)

Author: Don Matteson

At long last, I’m pleased to announce that the Tower Foundation has launched its new grants portal. We hope that it will be easier and more pleasant for you to see what grant opportunities are available, apply for grants, check on grant payments, request technical assistance, and share stories about your work.

If you had an account in our old system and accessed it in 2019 or 2020, you should have gotten an email earlier today at the address associated with that account inviting you to log into the new system. If you didn’t get that email, please check your junk mail folder. If you still can’t find an invitation email, just go ahead and register for a new account.

If you’re a contract grant writer or if you write on several agencies’ behalf, please get in touch with Kathy Andriaccio ( or me ( so that we can set up your account. The new system is much pickier about who can see what information, so it’ll end up being a hassle for everyone if you register an account with one agency and then want to write for another.

When you have a moment, please head over to, register for an account (if you haven’t already gotten an invitation to log in), and take a look around.

Of course, with any new system, there will be some bumps to smooth out, so if something seems harder than it should be or doesn’t seem like it works at all, please let Kathy or me know about it so we can look into it for you. (You can also use the “Support” feature in the portal if you want to be super-slick about it.)

Since we were a week behind in launching our system, it only seems fair to give you an extra week to submit applications. As a result, the submission deadline for the April grant cycle is now April 14. The rest of the grant review and notification timeline is still the same, and we’ve updated all (we think) of our guidelines and web pages to reflect the new submission deadline.

Since I have your attention, I also thought I’d point out a couple of grant opportunities for our Western New York partners:

I hope you’re all well and looking forward to the spring!


Donald W. Matteson
Chief Program Officer